PAL Bulletin: showing wage trends and seafarer wage settlements

'A snapshot of the marine industry today'


As part of its portfolio of information PAL is pleased to produce a shipping industry bulletin three times a year focussing on the following main topics:

  • UK seafarer wage settlement information. This includes details of recent, publically published, pay settlements and offers
  • A pair of graphs showing wage trends for the past six years of Masters and 2nd Officers serving on wet and dry vessel types. A different nationality of seafarer features each issue. The wage details are shown alongside country specific inflation figures
  • An overview of the world and UK economic outlooks
  • An overview of notable developments by shipping sector
  • A range of other shipping news is also included to enable shipping professionals to remain informed about the industry
  • A series of tables / graphs are produced showing exchange rates of various currencies against the US dollar


The cost of subscribing to three issues of the PAL Bulletin over a 12 month period is currently £230. It is possible to buy a single issue at £80 and we would be delighted to hear from you if this is of interest.

Wage Settlements

2024 seafarer pay (wages / salary, day rate etc.) and terms and conditions details covering a range of sectors including tankers, container, dry bulk, offshore (construction, dive support, cable lay, psv, supply support) etc.


Seafarer Wage Data

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