Precious Alliance: Seafarer wage cost benchmarking

Precious Alliance Limited (PAL) provides specialist consultancy services in all areas of the people side of shipping.  Our focus is to improve the effectiveness of management operations in the following key areas:


Providing information relating to Human Resources - such as through marine wage / salary surveys

Acting as Secretariat for a range of specific sectors within the shipping industry

These two key service areas offered by PAL can help shipping organisations improve their management operations. 

PAL also contributes to a number of industry publications including the Drewry Manning Report, BIMCO Survey and ISF Survey, as well as producing a number of bespoke surveys including the International Tanker Officer Survey and various wage salary surveys.

We have developed an extensive marine client portfolio comprising UK and international shipping and marine related organisations, with clients in the UK  / USA / Dubai / India / Philippines and Singapore to name a few. We are proud of our reputation for reliability and integrity within the international shipping sector.  

Our team of Consultants provide extensive knowledge of the shipping industry. These projects cover all aspects of the ‘people’ side of shipping and our Consultants have consistently developed new approaches to meet the changing needs of the maritime industry.

Wage Settlements

2024 seafarer pay (wages / salary, day rate etc.) and terms and conditions details covering a range of sectors including tankers, container, dry bulk, offshore (construction, dive support, cable lay, psv, supply support) etc.


Seafarer Wage Data

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