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Survey Diary


Precious Alliance (PAL) runs surveys throughout the year to provide shipping companies with valuable information to help with decision making and planning. If you would like to take part in any of our surveys listed below, or to discuss any bespoke survey requirements please contact us.


Dry Sector


The annual survey covering the Dry Sector for 2021 is now underway. The report will cover a wide range of seafarer nationalities with wage data and terms and conditions separated by rank, nationality and vessel type. If you would like to participate in this survey please contact us. The Officer and Rating benchmarking data will be available from April.


Shore Staff


We provide an annual shipping company shore staff survey with a particular focus on the UK market. A range of 51 jobs are surveyed including Trade Managers, Sales Reps, Import / Export specialists, Ship Agents, Logistics and other traditional office roles. Please contact us if you are interested in participating in this.


Wet Sector


The annual 2020 Wet Sector Survey concluded just after mid-year. This is now our most popular sharing survey with over 20,000 Officers from a full range of seafarer supply countries represented. The 2021 report will start in April next year. Seafarer wage and benefits benchmark data will be available per nationality and per vessel type across Oil

 / Product, Chemical, LNG, LPG and VLCCs.


Offshore Sector


The 2020 Offshore Sector Survey completed in October. Multiple vessel types and seafarer nationalities are covered. Both DP and non-DP equipped vessels are included with separate benchmarks for types such as Construction, Dive Support, Cable-Lay, AHTS, Supply etc.


The 2021 survey will start in the last quarter of the year.



Available all year round:


International ad-hoc industry wage reports to clients requirements covering any combination of the above, as well as bespoke surveys for any requirements outside of these categories.


Wage Settlements

Seafarer pay and terms and conditions details covering a range of sectors including tankers, container, dry bulk, offshore etc.


Seafarer Wage Data

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